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Time for a good life

Nutrition, exercise, relaxation, awareness: carpe diem stands for concrete inspiration that reminds us again and again of the essentials in everyday life – to take time for our personal well-being and health. carpe diem is like a good friend. A media world that encourages us to turn useful things into good habits – including an extra portion of joie de vivre!

The high-circulation magazine for a good life

The high-circulation magazine for a good life

carpe diem is the health and lifestyle magazine for all who seek inspiration for a good life. New every two months, it offers high-quality journalistic and graphic reading and viewing pleasure – personal, humorous, empathetic, and authentic. Thanks to an innovative distribution partnership with UNIQA, carpe diem is one of the highest-circulation media brands in the health segment.

Time for

Time for invites us to try things out and encourages us to turn useful things into good habits. In terms of content, the online presence is oriented towards the four elementary pillars of life: nutrition, exercise, recreation, and awareness. The inspirations can be easily integrated into our everyday lives and are based on the latest scientific findings. It is precisely this balance that makes unique on the media market.

Time for listening

Time for listening

Niki Löwenstein and Holger Potye take turns every week talking to inspiring people on the topics of nutrition, exercise, recreation and awareness. How do our guests succeed in what constitutes a good life according to them? What role does a conscious lifestyle play for them? What do they draw their strength from? How do they find the right balance in life? The hosts ask their guests these and many other questions when it says: Time for listening.

We just do it

We just do it

Once a month, we surprise all subscribers with a one-week "taster course" on topics related to relaxation, nutrition, awareness, or exercise. The challenge community tries out something new every day for one week and learns about different life concepts such as minimalism, alkaline nutrition, sustainable consumerism, and many more. Tips, hacks, tutorials, ideas and inspirations are shared in high-quality prepared content and supported by experts. An interactive offer for all carpe diem friends – because #wirmachenseinfach! ("#wejustdoit!") 

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    Latest update: December 19th 2022

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    Latest update: December 19th 2022

    carpe diem publishing calendar

    • June 2024

      • 06.06. Publication
        carpe diem 04/24
        Topic: Slow Travel / Nachhaltig Reisen
        06.05. (Ads)
        26.04. (Advertorials)
    • August 2024

      • 01.08. Publication
        carpe diem 05/24
        Topic: Die neue Höflichkeit
        08.07. (Ads)
        28.06. (Advertorials)
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